Justin Duino

Technology Journalist | Public Relations and Social Media Specialist | IT System Administrator | Web Developer | Freelance Photographer, Videographer

I am a 22-year-old journalism student at the University of Nevada, Reno. My background includes technology related editorial writing, public relations with a speciality in social media management, freelance photography and videography, and managerial-level information technology (IT) work experience.

Technology has always been my main focus and is involved in most of my work. I started coding websites and Android apps while in middle school and it sparked my interest in technology. I used my developer background to start my own Android blog called AndroidMeter in 2011 which I ran for three years and then wrote for Android Central / Mobile Nations for a year and a half from 2014 through 2016. Currently, I am a Content Editor at Phandroid. I also worked in IT for businesses such as AeroHead Designs, Oblong Industries, and the Joe Crowley Student Union with a total of seven years of experience. Additionally, I have done public relations work for several clients and specifically worked for Oblong Industries and grew their social media and blog presence. Finally, I started my own freelance business, JADUINO MEDIA, in 2015 and started working for clients to produce high-quality photography and videography products.

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Freelance Photographer, Videographer, Journalist | Creates high-quality content for clients for personal and commercial uses. Specializes in product spotlight pieces as well as live event coverage. Email me at justin@jaduino.com if you are interested in working with me.

9to5Google (Aug. 2016 - Present)


Writer | Technology reporter focusing on news coverage pertaining to Android, Google, and all Alphabet related projects.  Contributes to 9to5Mac, 9to5Toys, and Electrek.

Oblong Inc. (June 2016 - August 2016) | (June 2012 - Aug. 2012)

PR / Marketing / Social Media Intern | June 2016 – Present | Developed a social media strategy and delivered a 225% growth to company’s social media and blog platforms, wrote blog content for design thought leadership, and developed a content and social media strategy. 

IT / Facilities Intern | June 2012 – Aug. 2016 | Assisted with the movement of several of the company’s offices to a new location. Built and deployed room reservation system for the company’s headquarter meeting rooms.

Phandroid (May 2016 - Aug. 2016)

Content Editor | Writing news and editorial content for Phandroid and other Neverstill publications. Content covers Android, Google, and all Alphabet related news.

Joe Crowley Student Union (Sep. 2012 - Present)

Head Videographer and Editor, Lead IT / Web Developer | Head of a newly formed videography department creating promotional and live event recap videos. Maintains all digital equipment in the building which includes troubleshooting and fixing user-side and network-side equipment. Additionally, rebuilt the organization’s website and digital signage that  is displayed throughout the organization’s building.

Mobile Nations | Android Central (May 2014 - Jan. 2016)

Contributing Writer | Wrote developer focused and in-depth how-to editorials for AndroidCentral. Covered live press events and consumer level electronic conventions.

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